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Teaching with the ULHPC

If you plan to use the ULHPC to teach for groups of students, we highly recommend that you contact us (the HPC team) for the following reasons:

  • When possible, we can plan our maintenance sessions outside of your planned teaching / training dates.
  • We can help with the reservation of HPC ressources (e.g., GPU or big memory nodes) as some are highly booked and may not be available on-demand the day of your teaching or training session.
  • We can provide temporary ULHPC account for your students / attendees.

Resource reservation

The ULHPC offers different types of computing nodes and their availability can vary greatly throughout the year. In particular, GPU and big memory nodes are rare and intensively used. If you plan to use them for a teaching session, please contact our team at

Temporary student accounts

For hands-on sessions involving students or trainees who don't necessarily have an ULHPC account, we can provide temporary accesses. As a teacher / trainer, your account will also have access to all the students / trainees accounts to simplify interactions and troubleshooting during your sessions.

Please contact our team at to help you in the preparation of your teaching / training session.

Last update: May 30, 2024