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Data Sharing

Security and Data Integrity

Sharing data with other users must be done carefully. Permissions should be set to the minimum necessary to achieve the desired access. For instance, consider carefully whether it's really necessary before sharing write permssions on data. Be sure to have archived backups of any critical shared data. It is also important to ensure that private login secrets (such as SSH private keys or apache htaccess files) are NOT shared with other users (either intentionally or accidentally). Good practice is to keep things like this in a separare directory that is as locked down as possible.

The very first protection is to maintain your Home with access rights 700

chmod 700 $HOME

Sharing Data within ULHPC Facility

Sharing with Other Members of Your Project

We can setup a project directory with specific group read and write permissions, allowing to share data with other members of your project.

Sharing with ULHPC Users Outside of Your Project

Unix File Permissions

You can share files and directories with ULHPC users outside of your project by adjusting the unix file permissions. We have an extensive write up of unix file permissions and how they work here.

Sharing Data outside of ULHPC

The IT service of the University can be contacted to easily and quickly share data over the web using a dedicated Data Transfer service. Open the appropriate ticket on the Service Now portal.

Last update: July 19, 2024