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ULHPC strives to support in a user friendly way your [super]computing needs. Note however that we are not here to make your PhD at your place ;)

Service Now HPC Support Portal


Read the Friendly Manual

We have always maintained an extensive documentation and tutorials available online, which aims at being the most up-to-date and comprehensive.

So please, read the documentation first if you have a question of problem -- we probably provide detailed instructions here

Help Desk

The online help desk Service is the preferred method for contacting ULHPC.


Before reporting a problem or and issue, kindly remember that:

  1. Your issue is probably documented here on the ULHPC Technical documentation
  2. An event may be on-going: check the ULHPC Live status page
    • Planned maintenance are announced at least 2 weeks in advance - -- see Maintenance and Downtime Policy
    • The proper SSH banner is displayed during planned downtime
  3. check the state of your nodes and jobs

Service Now HPC Support Portal

You can make code snippets, shell outputs, etc in your ticket much more readable by inserting a line with:

before the snippet, and another line with:
after it. For a full list of formatting options, see this ServiceNow article.

Be as precise and complete as possible

ULHPC team handle thousands of support requests per year. In order to ensure efficient timely resolution of issues, ensure that:

  1. you select the appropriate category (left menu)
  2. you include as much of the following as possible when making a request:
    • Who? - Name and user id (login), eventually project name
    • When? - When did the problem occur?
    • Where? - Which cluster ? Which node ? Which job ?
      • Really include Job IDs
      • Location of relevant files
        • input/output, job launcher scripts, source code, executables etc.
    • What? - What happened? What exactly were you doing or trying to do ?
      • include Error messages - kindly report system or software messages literally and exactly.
      • output of module list
      • any steps you have tried
      • Steps to reproduce
    • Any part of this technical documentation you checked before opening the ticket

Access to the online help system requires logging in with your username, password, and eventually one-time password. If you are an existing user unable to log in, you can send us an email.

Availability and Response Time

HPC support is provided on a volunteer basis by UL HPC staff and associated UL experts working at normal business hours. We offer no guarantee on response time except with paid support contracts.

Email support

You can contact us by mail to the ULHPC Team Email (ONLY if you cannot login/access the HPC Support helpdesk portal :

You may also ask the help of other ULHPC users using the HPC User community mailing list: (moderated):

Last update: April 19, 2024