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Dell EMC Isilon (Archives and cold project data)

OneFS, A global low-performance Dell/EMC Isilon solution is used to host project data, and serve for backup and archival purposes. You will find them mounted under /mnt/isilon/projects.

In 2014, the IT Department of the University, the UL HPC and the LCSB join their forces (and their funding) to acquire a scalable and modular NAS solution able to sustain the need for an internal big data storage, i.e. provides space for centralized data and backups of all devices used by the UL staff and all research-related data, including the one proceed on the UL HPC platform.

At the end of a public call for tender released in 2014, the EMC Isilon system was finally selected with an effective deployment in 2015. It is physically hosted in the new CDC (Centre de Calcul) server room in the Maison du Savoir. Composed by a large number of disk enclosures featuring the OneFS File System, it currently offers an effective capacity of 3.360 PB.

A secondary Isilon cluster, acquired in 2020 and deployed in 2021 is duplicating this setup in a redundant way.

Last update: June 14, 2024