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GDPR Compliance

UL HPC Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) (pdf)


Personal data is/may be visible, accessible or handled:

  • directly on the HPC clusters
  • through Resource and Job Management System (RJMS) tools (Slurm) and associated monitoring interfaces
  • through service portals (like OpenOnDemand)
  • on code management portals such GitLab, GitHub
  • on secondary storage systems used within the University such as Atlas, DropIT, etc.

Data Use

Use of UL HPC data storage resources (file systems, data storage tiers, backup, etc.) should be used only for work directly related to the projects for which the resources were requested and granted, and primarily to advance University’s missions of education and research. Use of UL HPC data resources for personal activities is prohibited.

The UL HPC Team maintains up-to-date documentation on its data storage resources and their proper use, and provides regular training and support to users. Users assume the responsibility for following the documentation, training sessions and best practice guides in order to understand the proper and considerate use of the UL HPC data storage resources.

Authors/generators/owners of information or data are responsible for its correct categorization as sensitive or non-sensitive. Owners of sensitive information are responsible for its secure handling, transmission, processing, storage, and disposal on the UL HPC systems. The UL HPC Team recommends use of encryption to protect the data from unauthorized access. Data Protection inquiries, especially as regards sensitive information processing can be directed to the Data Protection Officer.

Users are prohibited from intentionally accessing, modifying or deleting data they do not own or have not been granted explicit permission to access.

Users are responsible to ensure the appropriate level of protection, backup and integrity checks on their critical data and applications. It is their responsibility to set appropriate access controls for the data they bring, process and generate on UL HPC facilities.

In the event of system failure or malicious actions, UL HPC makes no guarantee against loss of data or that user or project data can be recovered nor that it cannot be accessed, changed, or deleted by another individual.

Personal information agreement

UL HPC retains the right to monitor all activities on its facilities.

Users acknowledge that data regarding their activity on UL HPC facilities will be collected. The data is collected (e.g. by the Slurm workload manager) for utilization accounting and reporting purposes, and for the purpose of understanding typical patterns of user’s behavior on the system in order to further improve the services provided by UL HPC. Another goal is to identify intrusions, misuse, security incidents or illegal actions in order to protect UL HPC users and facilities..

Users agree that this data may be processed to extract information contributing to the above stated purposes.

Users agree that their name, surname, email address, affiliation, work place and phone numbers are processed by the UL HPC Team in order to provide HPC and associated services.

Data Protection inquiries can be directed to the Data Protection Officer. Further information about Data Protection can be found at:

Last update: June 14, 2024