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Weather Research and Forecasting

Weather Research and Forecasting Model (WRF) is a state-of-the-art atmospheric modeling system designed for both meteorological research and numerical weather prediction. The official source code, models, usage instruction, and most importantly the user license, are found in the official repository.

The University of Manchester distribution

In our systems we provide repackaged containers developed by the Central Research IT Service of the University of Manchester. The repository for wrf-docker provides individual Docker containers for the following packages:

Available versions in the UL HPC systems

In the UL HPC system we support Singularity containers. The University of Manchester containers have been repackaged as Singularity containers for use in our systems. The Singularity containers are:

  • WRF-WPS version 4.3.3: /work/projects/singularity/ulhpc/wrf-wps-4.3.3.sif
  • WRF-Chem version 4.3.3: /work/projects/singularity/ulhpc/wrf-chem-4.3.3.sif
  • WRF-4DVar version 4.3.3: /work/projects/singularity/ulhpc/wrf-4dvar-4.3.3.sif

There should be one-to-one correspondence when running the Singularity containers in UL HPC systems and when running the Docker containers in a local machine.


If you find any issues with the information above, please file a support ticket.

Last update: May 30, 2024