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ULHPC Usage Charging Policy

The advertised prices are for internal partners only

The price list and all other information of this page are meant for internal partners, i.e., not for external companies. If you are not an internal partner, please contact us at Alternatively, you can contact LuxProvide, the national HPC center which aims at serving the private sector for HPC needs.

How to estimate HPC costs for projects?

You can use the following excel document to estimate the cost of your HPC usage:

UL HPC Cost Estimates for Project Proposals [xlsx]

Note that there are two sheets offering two ways to estimate based on your specific situation. Please read the red sections to ensure that you are using the correct estimation sheet.

Note that even if you plan for large-scale experiments on PRACE/EuroHPC supercomputers through computing credits granted by Call for Proposals for Project Access, you should plan for ULHPC costs since you will have to demonstrate the scalability of your code -- the University's facility is ideal for that. You can contact for more details about this.

HPC price list - 2022-10-01

Note that ULHPC price list has been updated, see below.


Compute type Description € (excl. VAT) / node-hour
CPU - small 28 cores, 128 GB RAM 0.25€
CPU - regular 128 cores, 256 GB RAM 1.25€
CPU - big mem 112 cores, 3 TB RAM 6.00€
GPU 4 V100, 28 cores, 768 GB RAM 5.00€


Storage type € (excl. VAT) / GB / Month Additional information
Home Free 500 GB
Project 0.02€ 1 TB free
Scratch Free 10 TB

HPC Resource allocation for UL internal R&D and training

ULHPC resources are free of charge for UL staff for their internal work and training activities. Principal Investigators (PI) will nevertheless receive on a regular basis a usage report of their team activities on the UL HPC platform. The corresponding accumulated price will be provided even if this amount is purely indicative and won't be charged back.

Any other activities will be reviewed with the rectorate and are a priori subjected to be billed.

To allow the ULHPC team to keep track of the jobs related to a project, use the -A <projectname> flag in Slurm, either in the Slurm directives preamble of your script, e.g.,

#SBATCH -A myproject

or on the command line when you submit your job, e.g., sbatch -A myproject /path/to/

Last update: September 28, 2023